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Fiber Splice Trays
Splice Sleeve Holders

Splice Technologies' Fiber Splice Trays represent an industry standard for more than twenty years. Our trays are designed to provide complete protection for delicate stripped fibers and splices for all types of fiber cable configurations. All trays are five inches wide for enhanced fiber management, available in 7 and 8 3/4 inch lengths, and offered with a snap-on cover in either clear polycarbonate or aluminum. Crimp tabs and tie-down holes make it easy to secure all types of fiber and fiber cable sub-units. Trays also feature mounting thru-holes for installation into enclosures and for higher density stacking.

Splice Technologies' Splice Sleeve Holders, commonly called splice chips, are designed to accommodate our most popular "Standard" and "Ribbon" series fusion splice protection sleeves. These flexible, high quality, silicone rubber devices can accommodate up to 12 splice sleeves and come with a high-peel strength 3M brand adhesive for easy application to almost any surface. Engineered to eliminate the concerns of water absorption, these holders may also be used for securing a variety of other types of fiber optic devices, such as splitters and mechanical splices.

*See datasheet for technical and ordering information

Splice Tray Features
  • Aluminum clear anodized construction
  • 5" wide trays for improved fiber management
  • Clear polycarbonate or aluminum snap-on covers
  • Crimp tabs and tie down holes for securing fibers
  • Mounting thru-holes
  • RoHS Compliant

Splice Holder Features
  • Flexible high quality silicone rubber material
  • 12 position design
  • Adhesive backed for ease of assembly
  • Available in two sizes
  • Sold separately
  • RoHS Compliant

Splice Trays and Holders (pdf)