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ribbon breakout kit
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Splice Technologies, Inc. has developed it's first of a new series of fiber cable breakout kits. The Ribbon Fiber Cable Breakout Kit, (RFCB) series is designed to manage and protect ribbon fibers as they exit the end of a cable for splicing or connector termination. The unit consists of a cable clamp that secures firmly to the cable sheath, and a furcation tube assembly with 6, 4 foot long clear protective tubes for fiber color and ID viewing. Special Ribbon Tube Retainers are installed to each furcation tube for additional fiber protection and management. Unit is designed to be installed into a panel or enclosure, or simply mounted to an equipment rack. Two models are currently available which will accommodate cable diameters ranging from .250 through .705 inches, and manage up to 6 ribbons, (72 fibers). Each kit includes comprehensive installation instructions, and is packaged in a crushproof carton.