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single & multimode biconic connectors

Splice Technologies, Inc. is now offering high performance single and multimode Biconic connectors and adapters. These connectors are offered fully assembled for typical field installation, or un-assembled for factory fiber cable installation. Our Singlemode connector is supplied with a yellow color body, (coupling nut), while our Multimode version is supplied with a black color body.

Our bulkhead connector mating sleeve, (adapter), has a rectangular flange for panel mounting. These are black in color and designed to be used for both single and multimode connector applications.

Part Number Key

BIC-SMC-FI - Biconic, Singlemode Connector, Field Installable

BIC-MMC-FI - Biconic, Multimode Connector Field Installable

BIC-SMC-UA - Biconic, Singlemode Connector, Un-Assembled

BIC-MMC-UA - Biconic, Multimode Connector, Un-Assembled

CMS-BICONIC - Connector Mating Sleeve, (Adapter), Biconic, SM/MM

  • Meets EIA/TIA-604 1 A; FOCIS 1
  • High Performance
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Color-coded Body

Biconic Connector (pdf)
Biconic Tech Specs (pdf)